Friday, January 15, 2010

Valerie May

I forgot I wanted to post. At the New Years party we were all dancing around. There was a disco ball, and a DJ and everything.

Valerie (8-years-old) said, "This is the best time in my life. I've never seen a disco ball, EVER!" I love you Valerie!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Red Day

It's a red day today. No going outside. In the meantime I'll go shopping for food, go to the post office, set up dentist appointments, finish some paperwork, pay some bills, and organize our bedroom closet.

I feel like I blog like I write in my journal. I'll go a really long while without blogging, and then I'll skip a bunch of really cool things that have happened in my family's life expecting the reader to understand.

Between Christmas and New Years we traveled all over Utah. We went to Tooele, Monticello, Panguitch, and then home. We survived! It was super fun, and when Shayden goes to bed now she'll say, "Bello chased me! Gage kissed my cheek. I want to feed the animals with Grandma. I want to go to Grandma's house." She loved it. It was so fun for me to see family. Panguitch feels like home to me even though I didn't grow up there.

Just this last Thursday Shayden made a break through in potty training. Now she thinks it is so cool to go poop on the potty. She still is working out some accidents in the mean time, but she's not afraid anymore.

Gavon is the CUTEST little boy. His short little legs go really fast and he likes to scream when he's happy. He's a big time climber, and he LOVES to eat. In the morning for breakfast he clenches his fists, shakes them and screams because he wants food so bad. He's a sturdy little boy.

Here is a video of Shayden, Lee, Anna and Gavon dancing. This was a while ago before Christmas.

The second video was Christmas Eve. Paul made this huge hill of snow in our front yard and we made a cave and sledded down it.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Holidays Rock!

Christmas morning.

Here's my attempt at a gingerbread house. It tasted way better than it looked.