Friday, June 25, 2010

One more from the Panguitch Trip

On a nice Sunday walk in Panguitch.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


We got to go see Paul on his Family Day during his Annual Training. Hooray! The kids loved to ride the white bus up to where he's been working on building a base near Camp Williams. They were so excited to see their Daddy. We were even able to stay with him for a while that night and visit Jon and Lynette.


Shayden and Dillon. Isn't this funny!?
On Saturday morning they had a Pioneer Day Heritage Festival with handcart rides, candle making, panning for gold, homemade rootbeer, miniature quilts for the kids to tie, cornhusk dolls, wheat berries, and the cutest little petting zoo with puppies, kittens, ducks and goats. Kinda cold that day.
This was not planned...Crazy huh!?
How can life not be good when you're a kid?
Shayden rode Dixie for almost a whole half hour. She went up to the cattle guard and back at least four times. Gavon woke up from his nap for a quick picture before heading back to Panguitch for the Quilt Walk.
Shayden loved to swing on this crab apple tree like a monkey. Gavon's in the background throwing rocks.
We picked rhubarb a couple of times and ate it for breakfast. Shayden loved this; Gavon too. After picking it, she yelled while holding it up, "It's as big as me!!" She liked to pretend it was an umbrella. Gavon just liked to hit things with his...especially Grandpa.
This is my mom's parents' grave in Panguitch Cemetery. We got ice cream at Henry's Drive In and drove up to see their grave. Gavon was half way across the cemetery before I could get Shayden out of the van too.
Riding the sheep! This spring my mom had 8 lambs born. Gavon LOVED to chase them around.
Swinging in the back yard.

Gavon loved playing with the dog. He learned how to say, "Down!" To the dog. It's funny to watch what he does in the background in all the videos we took while we were down for the week. The dog's name is Cal, but Shayden calls him "Culley." Shayden is actually trying to lasso the dog, and she's calling it like it's a cow.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Gavon Boy


Trying to get up after jumping off the couch.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Shayden 3rd Birthday

Hula Girl!

Cinderella was the first one to disappear.
We made box cars and had popcorn while watching Cinderella.

Alisa with a baby...cute huh!??
I like Parker in this one. "Yo!"

Gavon would not eat anything else if there was a cupcake around.