Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Closer and closer

Paul and I just got back from the doctor's office and I am at a 3 and still 80% effaced. He said it can be any day now. We asked him about going down to Salt Lake for Thanksgiving, he said he HAS to say, "No." but he understands if we don't stay here.

Okay...this is now super late at night which is really wierd for me because I'm usually in bed right as soon as I can. I wanted to stay up to write my thoughts, though. The doctor said my Strep B test came back negative, but it was positive for Strep G. It's a less common form of bacteria that is treated the same way: with a dose of antibiotic in labor. They are going to strip my membranes on Tuesday, and if that doesn't put me into labor they will induce me on Wednesday.

We're still planning on going to Riverton...I'm so crazy! If I wake up tomorrow morning and have a really yucky feeling, then we'll probably stay. Who wants to stay home and away from family on Thanksgiving? It would be so sad to miss out just because I might go into labor. The scary part for me is knowing I'm Strep G positive. I don't want to have to deal with side affects from that if we aren't able to get to a hospital on the way fast enough. Everything else I think will be okay. I plan on not getting an epidural, and I have some strong smelling peppermint gum that can help with nausea.

Alisa and I went with the Fifields to Twilight tonight. I think I was expecting too little of the movie at first, so I liked it a lot more than I thought I would. I didn't like the character they chose for Edward, but I think because I had read the book and knew more about the characters, it made the movie cool. There were a few scenes they could have toned down a bit, but I liked the humor. There were a few places I genuinly smiled, which is a good sign. Paul says I'm too critical with movies.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Daddy, colds and sheep

Shayden calls Paul Daddy in an English accent and she calls me "Manny." She can say mom just fine; I wonder why she twisted it.

I've been just getting over a cold the past few days. Growing up I'd get a cold sore on my nose, which happened this time. Paul said yesterday, "Ewe...I still love you, don't worry."

There are these sheep over by Lee's Marketplace that have the whitest wool ever! I think the owner must bleach them.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Getting Ready for Thanksgiving/Christmas

Shayden's first day of nursery was yesterday. What a relief! She had a blast, and Paul and I were able to pay attention more in Sunday School and Priesthood/Relief Society. Paul had to pry her away from this toy stroller she played with most of the time. It was so cool; I walked in to pick her up and she had this cute yarn necklace on. Church is just so fun. When we were walking home she kept wanting to go back.

We also just put up our Christmas tree and Shay was climbing underneath it and having fun. As we get ready for Thanksgiving, Christmas is mixed in too so I don't have to do too much when this baby comes.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Paul thinks it's so funny that I say stuff, and then all of a sudden...It's been good weather. The end.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cool Neighbors

Our new neighbors are the coolest people ever! Michelle, who lives just next door has a photography business and whipped her camera out on halloween when we were out talking to the missionaries. She took a whole bunch of really cute pictures of Shay while she was running around in her bee costume. This one is my favorite.

My doctor's appointment went well today. I'm 2 1/2 cm dilated. The doctor says I won't go all the way to my due date. He said if my water breaks to get to the hospital quick vd shjas aa Shay wanted to post a little bit.

Alisa came with me today to watch Shay while I went in to the doctor. Paul has been super busy with school. He has 2 big tests on Friday in Biology and Chemistry. It's been great weather.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Random Blogger

The way that I write reminds me of my high school English essays. I have one paragraph circled and inserted with an arrow half way through, and then one written sideways as part of another. It takes me a while to write everything so it's smooth. So with that in mind, I forgot to mention that Parker is a hypoplastic baby. He was born without the left side of his heart, and had a stroke in January. He spent from then until June in heart failure and received a heart June 10...special day. They give him anti-rejection immuno suppressants to help him not reject the heart, so it's really important to keep him away from people until his heart is strong enough. Life is such a miracle.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Doctor Appointment a Go Go

I just got back from the doctor. I'm 1 1/2 cm dilated and 80% effaced. The nurse said that was normal for a 2nd child at 36 weeks. I've been real sick today and can't eat. Paul is helping me with laundry and Shayden.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Cats and Babies

Here's Parker and Alexis, the little trooper.

The first video was taken a long time ago, but it's the only one I have of her saying "Meow." She says, "Tat" and then, "Meow," while she tilts her head. Soo cute. The other video of her dancing to Hercules was taken a while ago too. She was wearing that blue stretchy thing like a scarf and walking and dancing around. On our computer we have pictures for our screen saver and she says "Baby" when pictures of her as a baby pop up.

This morning was rough, but there's no way I can complain. Trisa's kids have all been sick but Holly, and Crystal and all her kids, Sheila and her kids. When we got back from Paul's drill Sunday night, Shayden didn't sleep through the whole night because of her nose and cough. It was actually pretty scary. We stayed in Parker's room for the weekend, and Shayden was actually around Parker Friday and Saturday; the first time he was around another kid indoors. On Sunday morning Shay woke up with a runny nose, and Alexis got it too...this is super scary because if Parker gets sick, it could develop into something bad. He has no immune system. After church and after naps, he had a bad runny nose and was sneazing a lot. This was so frustrating to me because after all the precaution that Sheila and Jordan have taken, I come around once and he gets sick. It showed me how important it is to not have anyone around Parker, no matter how hard it is. Poor Sheila. She just wants to have her kids be able to play and be normal. This is especially hard when you want to be with family. Thanksgiving will be rough. Since we've left, they've all been sick with fever and throwing up. This morning Shay coughed so hard she threw up at breakfast and I threw up soon after, I think from having to deal with it. I just hope Parker gets better quick, and everyone else too.

Life is a beautiful thing. I'm excited to be so close to delivering. I hit 36 weeks tomorrow. I'll keep you updated with doctor apointments that are coming up.

Lisa's wedding was very nice. Tom seems like such a good guy, and his family is very supportive. It was cool to find out that one of my friends from Oakcrest as a camper is Tom's niece. It's a small world. It was also good to see Jon and Lynette, Kurt, Jennifer and Brenna.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Kami and the Bear

Kam, Teri and Alisa saw a bear on their little bike ride this last weekend, and Alisa took a video of Kami's reaction. If you want to check it out, go to Teri's blog. Kami is the one I'd want to have around if anything came to attack me.

Cool Scary Movie

I just wanted to let everyone know that Wait Until Dark with Audrey Hepburn is one of the coolest scary movies ever. We watched it with my family a few days ago, and it was super cool. I'd suggest it to pretty much everybody.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Brother Highlight

Sharon did a little highlight on her sisters and I thought that was so cool, so I wanted to do the same thing, but starting with my brothers.
Ryan is number 3 out of 8, and the oldest boy. He has the most tender loving heart, and does the best at everything he tries. This guy is amazing fast and was part of the Bingham varsity cross country team that won nationals back in 1996 (Right, Ryan?). His PR in a 5K is 15:52. I was basically his shadow because I followed him into running (even though I'm not as good) and went to BYU-Idaho too. Right now he is the father of 3 and is working to become a college level professor. Yeah Ryan!
And here's Cody...Just Kidding!
Here's the real Cody. He's number 4 out of 8, and the only other boy. He's a really fast runner, too and is really fun to be around. I'll never forget his face when we ate smoked turkey together for the first time. I'll also never forget him taking me hunting with him in Meyersvalley or on other horse back rides at the ranch. He's amazing with horses, and likes to ride a scooter. He is the father of 2 and sells life insurance with Prudential.

I'm mega blessed to have such awesome brothers.

News Flash

So, Paul is having serious anti-Gavin name issues. He says he likes Braxton or Gabriel better. Well, I guess we'll wait for the day and see what he looks like. I'm still set on Gavin. I also want Paul for a middle name, but Paul wants Sean. We're both pretty equal on other middle names like Kurt, or Cuyler. What do you guys think? Paul was saying we should have people guess when we're going to have the baby, and whoever wins gets to have their name as his middle name....I'm pretty sure I wouldn't want a girls name in there, though. We'll have to pass that one up.

This is so funny...Shayden is learning things every day, and I was trying to teach her "belly button," but she pats her belly button and says, "Butt." Every time I say button..."Butt."

Monday, November 3, 2008

Annalisa's Blessing

Proud Daddy.
Proud Mommy
Cute GirlPullin' a face.
Happy Family

Oh yah, here's another one from Halloween. There's little Gavin as a basketball.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Halloween was super fun. Our ward had a soup and rolls dinner, games and then a trunk-or-treat on Halloween night. Shayden had a blast. When I put her in the car I asked her "Did you have a ball?" And she said, "Ball." Half way through the trunk-or-treat she just started running around all the cars and through the parking lot having so much fun. Paul had fun as a Gorilla. He went to work and school in his suit. At the ward party kids were following him around saying, "You're not a monkey, you're a kid!" Shayden would pick up his mask when he had it off and say please in sign language like she wanted him to put it on. She'd give him kisses in it too. Most other kids her age were pretty scared of it. Lee seemed to be not as scared as last year, but not the biggest fan of masks. He stuck to Cody's side most of the night. I dressed up as a hula girl and Gavin was a basketball.
Earlier in the day we carved our pumpkin with the missionaries upstairs. Our other neighbors are super cool, too. They both dressed up as bubble bees, and spent some time talking to us before they went to their party. Yeah for Halloween! ...Cody was a pregnant woman, and some girls in our ward said they had all of one kind of their candy like he was having some craving. It's fun to be in the same ward as them. Also my doctor is the bishop of the ward that meets in our same building, so I see him sometimes on Sundays and he was there Halloween dressed up pretty scary. He said, "Do you still want to claim me as your doctor?" It was funny.