Saturday, August 23, 2008

Hey you!

For FHE this week we went to the aquatic center in Logan. Way fun! Shayden loved the twirly slide. Today we're going to help Grandmother and Grandpa Bob move from Mendon. I've promised myself to take more pictures.

I took this picture this morning becuase she was pullin' a bunch of cute faces. Finally! I got the camera out. She likes to talk to herself and is starting to finish her words more.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fun With Lee

Lee was able to come over to our house while Cody and Lisa went to a Dr. appointment yesterday. Shayden got so excited and was dancing around. Thanks Lee, for coming over!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Giddy-Up Cowboy

Shay and I have been down in Salt Lake for the past week.  Kami was awesome and let us stay at her house the first 4 days, but it was kinda lonely because we didn't see anyone until Paul and Kam got off work.  The past 2 nights we spent at my parents house with Crystal and Sheila.  We've been busy having a blast...playing with cousins.  Today we went out to lunch with Crystal, Sheila, and Kami at IHOP, and we'll be doing apricots.  Life is going great.  Paul is happy that A.T. is almost over.  They've been working him hard, but things are winding down.  The past few days they've kind of run out of things for them to do.  Yeah for being done!  Tonight we're going to Lynette's to play with them, and then...home.  It'll be nice.  When I came down I brought pretty much everything possible to make it feel like I were at home: the running stroller, Shay's high chair, her toys, a bunch of food so we don't wipe out somebody's supply.  Yeah, our car is completely full.  Paul thinks I'm going to have to leave some of it here because it won't fit, but I'm pretty determined.  I can't live without the running stroller or her high chair.  Home soon....

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Little Social Butterfly

I just wanted to post that Shayden loves to wave. This morning we went outside in our driveway as these people were walking down the sidewalk and she just stood there and waved at them. It was cute to see their reaction. "Look! Hi baby!!" and they all waved back. She waves to cars as they pass and everyone in the grocery store parking lot, and even airplanes. We'll just have to work on the screaming issue now. She doesn't know that hitting and pushing are bad, and she screams when kids her age touch her. So that's the next step: be soft and don't scream.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Trisa and Jared

Trisa and Jared were driving through Logan on their family vacation for the summer and were able to stay the night with me and Shayden yesterday. It was way fun! We went to Cody and Lisa's to BBQ some amazing chicken...wish I had a picture, Lisa is always behind these amazing meals...and drove around the valley today.

We sure love you guys!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

For My Hubby

This post is dedicated to Paul. I love ya mister. Shayden misses you.

Tall lamp: $8
Picture of Christ:$150
Comfy Nursing chair/Daddy recliner: $300
Knowing there's actually 3 people in this picture: Priceless

I wanted to pose all cool for Paul, but Shayden wanted attention. It kinda showed off my figure too, so I thought I'd let the world know. Here's little Jr. after 5 months of growin'. He decided to grow faster when Paul left. Yep. We're expecting a little boy Dec. 10. We tried hard not to post about it so we could make it a big surprise for Kit and Lisa. Now they know so everyone else can know too.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

"I wish I were an 80's rock star"

Paul is doing his annual training for the next little while. Church was good today.

I took out Shay's hair tonight and it did this cool crazy mohawk thing. She makes me laugh.