Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Shay's Soccer, Gavon's walkin'

We got a new camera! Yes! Just in time for the holidays, and a new baby to come.

Gavon's been walking on his leg the past while, but he still sticks it out to the side like he can't bend his knee. His knew cast was put on yesterday morning, so now he can bend his knee!

Shayden did her first week of soccer last week. She was pretty scared of the other kids pushing her around, but a nice girl held her hand and ran around. Fun!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pure Luck

Gavon has had no luck. He started putting pressure on his leg last Friday, and now can sit on a tricycle and push himself with both legs. Yesterday he was riding down the sidewalk and hit a bump, falling face first. Bloody nose, bloody lip. Just after that and a quick trip to the park (He was soon a happy boy laughing on the swing) we were playing on our playset in our backyard, and Shayden landed on his fingers while he was pulling himself up. I reminds me of that Martin Short movie Pure Luck.

Monday, September 20, 2010

New Microwave

Our microwave went out last week, and we tried to live without one for about a week. I just bought one this morning, and I've been using it for everything. "Oh, Gavon, would you like a chicken nugget...hmmm, let me just throw it in. Wala!" I love having a microwave.

Better go get Shay from school.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New Stages

Gavon just got into this new stage. When he wants something (like cake, cookies, candy) he'll scream/cry "MORE! MORE!" Last night he wanted more chocolate zucchini bread, and was letting out the most high pitched cry. All of a sudden he stopped and got the most serious quiet look on his face and said, "More!" in a deep gritty demanding voice. It was the funniest and most serious thing I've seen him do. He started laughing at me because I was laughing, then we went for a walk. Oh, new stages.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Birthday Boy

Yesterday was Paul's Birthday. We had a special breakfast with pancakes, eggs, bacon, and juice. That's not normal for Paul, because he doesn't like pancakes, but that's what he requested. Maybe he's converting! We weren't able to go to church because of Gavon's Hand Mouth Foot Disease, so we spent the day at home. That night we had his favorite dinner, beans and rice. His birthday cake was a chocolate zucchini bread loaf with "Happy Birthday Dad" written on top. Happy 26th Honey! We love you.

The Poor Guy

The xray they took of Gavon's leg on Tuesday showed a spiral fracture from just under his growth plate on his tibia to about half way down the bone. They had all sorts of cool casts: glow in the dark, sparkles, camo, you name it. Pretty much anywhere we go, Gavon points out all the balls in pictures, on signs, or in people's yards. He loves to play with them, too, so we got him a soccer ball cast. He'll be in this cast for 3 weeks, and then they'll put him in a smaller cast for another three weeks so he can use his knee. He won't be able to walk on it until next week. He's been really good to get around crawling with his cast dragging to the side. I have to put a sock over his toes so he doesn't get blisters from dragging it.

So, to make it more exciting, I found a rash on his fingers, toes, up his legs and around his mouth on Friday night. I didn't think anything of it; cast rubbing it, heat rash? When I found out Parker had impetigo, which is a bacterial infection that causes a body rash, I thought that's what Gavon had, and took him in right away. The doctor that looked at him said Gavon had Hand Food Mouth Disease. He has sores in his mouth that made the pediatrician positive it was a viral infection. That would explain his loss of appetite. No fever. He's still such a happy boy. His rash today looks like nothing really. The picture above was taken yesterday, and you can barely see it. Just under his bottom lip it looks like a few zits. He's had a runny nose that is just clearing up today. The doctor said all symptoms should be gone in 3-5 days, and we can be around people after 1 week.
We've been trying to keep Shayden healthy. The incubation period for this viral infection is 3-7 days (from the time of infection to the onset of illness). I decided to keep Shayden home from school for the week to make sure she isn't a carrier. She hasn't shown any signs of getting it. It usually only affects infants and toddlers, but adolescents and adults can get very minor side affects from it. The doctor said Shayden might not get it because she's older, but it's possible.
So, we're pretty much home bound. No church, park, library, or school. We've been going on walks, and trying to stay busy at home. Gavon loves to be held, but he also LOVES movies. That's become my downfall. If a movie is on, he is glued. My mom is going to come help me this weekend, so that will be super nice. Hopefully we'll be back and kickin' soon.

Monday, September 6, 2010

First Day of School

Gavon ran to the back crying, and came back with a backpack for him too. When we came back, and after awhile being home he walked down the hallway saying, "ayen! ayen!" He really missed her that first day. Now he's used to her being gone.
Shay wouldn't pose for anything, but I got her to at least smile from the van.
Gavon had his first visit to instacare after a park trip. Gavon had a blast, and right as we were about to go back to Logan he went down the slide with one of his favorite cousins, and hurt his leg. The xray didn't show a break, but the pediatrician said a child's broken bone doesn't show for a few days; hmmm, strange. He still doesn't put any weight on it, and is in a lot of pain.

Diaper hat boy.

Just relaxin'