Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ashlin the Walking Girl

I finally videoed Ashlin walking!  We took this video this morning.  Her first step was Aug.31.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Shayden's Concern

We had a Family Home Evening last night on families, and how Heavenly Father put us into families to love and take care of each other.  Somehow the conversation went into how we will all die one day, and Shayden got so sad.  "Mom, I don't want to die."  I told her it was all part of Heavenly Father's plan.  "That's a sad plan, Mom."  She cried for a little while, and I told her about the Resurrection, and how Jesus Christ makes it possible for us to be happy even after we die.  She said she didn't want to be resurrected.  Well, we still have to work on that one.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Run! O Wait...Watch Out For That Cable!

 So Karen and I go running in the wee hours of the morning before you can start to see the sun lighting the sky, and this morning we did the "corn route" which passes a small patch of corn on the other side of 10th.  We were trying to figure a good way to get around all the nasty construction on 10th when we decided to just make our way across the road jay walking style instead of running on the freshly cemented sidewalk.  Surprise!  We were side by side, so we both hit a tight cable stretched across the side of the road going about 8 min. mile just about mid-thigh level.  We were on the ground looking at each other like we both were trying to say, "Ouch."  I got that feeling of being sick because it hurt so bad, and then the welts turned into bruises later that day.  There's another bruise just like that one on the other leg too.  I wonder if the construction workers saw us.  I told Shayden when I got home, "I ran into a wire in the dark." and she said, "Why didn't you just wait for the sun to come up Mom?!"

 I was nursing Ashlin last night and Gavon came and sat next to me like this.  Paul was able to catch it on camera.  The kids like to jump on the back of the chair and pop the leg rest open when I'm trying to nurse.  It drives me crazy, but then I just try to get comfortable and not care.  I try to say no only when I have to.  Shayden and Gavon like to jump on that bed next to the chair while I nurse.  Only 3 more months and then she can be on her own!  I like giving her that freedom, and I like the freedom of not nursing too.  Just have to hold out until she's one.
 Ashlin isn't a binky baby, but she found this binky and just chewed on it for a good 30 min. She's actually pretty fast at crawling now and can stand on her own for about 5 or 6 seconds.  She's taken one step so far.
Paul took this picture driving to the temple about a month ago from the drivers seat. 

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Family Picture

We just had the Sheffer Reunion. It was a blast to be around everyone. Only Ryan wasn't able to make it. The kids had so much fun doing cousin chants, and playing games while we were camping. Gavon was running around like crazy and didn't even care when he fell flat on his face tripping on a rock every few seconds. My favorite quotes were Gavon after being put on my dad's shoulders, "Where'd your hair go?" and Karri when she was carrying Ashlin to the clubhouse, "Are you going to slobber on every piece of sidewalk?" Ashlin doesn't know how to swallow; a family curse? It ended in Riverton and was so fun.