Saturday, May 31, 2008

Drama of the Century

Paul and I are finally moved into our new apartment in Logan. It's about 2 1/2 blocks from where we used to live, so we stayed in the ward and are close to campus. We just got over a huge drama scene with our landlords. Oh boy, I could probably spend a good 5 single spaced pages ranting on about what happened, but it's over thank goodness. What's so funny to me is that the Sunday before all this exploded we had a really good talk in sacrament meeting about being slow to anger. Basically, we asked them if we could stay another year and they inspected our apartment and accused us of being dirty people...which we aren't. They were pretty rude about it, and I'm just glad we're out of their apartment complex. The happy news is that I can now babysit and teach violin. They wouldn't allow that before. Also it kind of ended in a peace treaty because Paul and I left their apartment in 110% condition and they gave us our full deposit back plus 4 days of May rent. They also apologized for "having tempers flaring" and having things work out the way they did. It's going to be hard to get over what she said to me even now though. I'm kind of numb to it and don't want to think about it any more. Where's the love? I realize now more than ever though about what causes people to be offended, and how to handle when that happens. I definitely need to have tougher skin, that's for sure.

Shayden seems to like our new place. I just took her in for her 1 year check up and shots. She's 99% in her head circumference, 40% in her weight and 60% in her height. She had a fever for a while but is better now. She has this weird wheezing cough now, though.

I also wanted to send a big thank you to Cody and Lisa. Lisa has watched Shayden for all of the time we've spent moving and cleaning and Cody helped us even in his boot. Thank you! My parents and Paul's grandpa helped us move too, and we're so grateful. Thank you, thank you!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Finally our computer is fixed and we are posting. At first Paul thought the power supply was broken, but it ended up being the mother board. We were able to get it running again for only $30. Yeah! We've also been out of town a lot since the semester ended. Paul and I visited my parents for a few days and Paul had drill two weeks in a row. This last weekend Paul helped my dad tear up his driveway.
Here's Paul running the tractor.
Woops, these are kind of out of order. We went to the Zoo on Saturday with Sheila and Jordan. Shayden loved all the animals, especially the black bears. She'd pucker her lips and point at them with wide eyes like she was saying "Whoa!" That white alligator slowly opened his mouth while we were there. Scary.
"I want to get out Dad!"
Shayden really did love the train but she didn't want to look backward, only forward. That's why she's crying.
Alexis with her hand on her hip.
Paul driving the tractor again.
Bend those backs!
Ryan working hard.
Kami swinging a good one.
Everyone loading up the tractor.
Playing in the front yard at my parents.
Shayden trying to comb her hair getting ready for church.
Finally! I was able to finish Les Miserables. It was a GREAT book. It went pretty deep into explanations about kind of irrelevant things, but was very deep in philosophy and had it's parts where I couldn't put it down. The story was awesome and taught the glory of doing what's right even when it's really really hard. Ah! I just loved it. Thank you, Brenna, for letting me borrow it.
Paul and I went camping on our anniversary up by Mirror Lake. It was actually pretty warm. Paul was in a t-shirt and shorts, but I like to be super warm, so I wore a coat. All the snow was melting and there was a lot of run off. Shayden stayed at our parents house for the night, and yes, Paul did miss the Jazz game for it. He loves me.
This is me and Shayden waiting for Kurt to come home--a few weeks ago.

Here is Shayden playing with a flag in my parent's front yard. It gives a good view of the sidewalk and driveway before they tore it up. Proud to be an American.

Life has been pretty good to us, but we've kind of hit a rough road. Paul really wanted to get on orders for the summer and that's why we went down this last week. He just heard back yesterday and found that they aren't able to give him a job. Also our landlords just gave us a letter yesterday giving us until July 1 to move out. They are so good of landlords that they kind of reach the point of paranoia about kids and safety. They gave the excuse that Shayden might get hurt from the "cactus plants that have long sharp spear shaped leaves" in the patio. Paul and I don't want to fight it or give them a problem so we're just going to find another place to live. I think she's just scared of kids and wants to minimize their risk level. Paul puckers out his bottom lip and says, "Now we're jobless and homeless." We're going to try looking around the ward boundaries to find a place first so we don't have to leave our awesome ward.