Thursday, November 19, 2009

This Will Haunt Me

The last few days I haven't gone running, even though the weather has been great for running. I don't feel as happy, or as healthy. Well, today I was determined to go, and this guy stopped me a half mile from home. He looked really dirty and was holding a cigarette. He said, "Hey lady! Can you help me?" I stopped, because I had to pass 1000 W, a really busy road. After pushing the cross walk light, I said, "Sure." and he came closer to me, but I said, "Stay back." He started rummaging through his pockets and said, "Where's 150 West?" I said "I have to cross. The light is turning. It's that way, toward main st." He still couldn't find the paper with the exact address, then said, "The Dept. of Workforce Services, where is that?" By that time the light was starting to turn again and I didn't want to have to wait for a whole new light so I started running away, and said, "It's that way!" I didn't even look back. I feel pretty bad about it, because I knew exactly where he needed to go, and didn't even bother yelling him directions across a busy road.

That's weird because even before I ran into that dirty guy I was thinking about how Dad brought this guy home from church for Sunday dinner in Panguitch once, and how he smelled so bad we opened all the windows and doors and we were still gagging. He lived down by the river and used only baking soda for hygiene. Dad just happened to make friends with him at Priesthood. And then I ran into that guy and totally avoided him. Hmmm...not so nice. I'm going to run into him in the after life, and he'll be sad.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Monday, November 16, 2009

Caution: Frustration, and Potty Training

Shayden has not gone poop once in the toilet (minus when she accidentally went about a month ago). It's been 2 weeks! Should I put her back in diapers? Every once and a while she'll accidentally pee her pants. She'll look at me and say, "No!!" When I know she needs to go, or when she's in the process of going. I'll pick her up and take her to the bathroom and have her sit there, but she'll arch her back and kick and scream the whole way. Gavon has been sad and needy all day. The whole day has been like that. It's been a hard day.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

No More Diapers!!

For Shayden at least. I'm all excited for her. She says, "I need to go potty," and just goes all by herself.

We're still working on poop. That's hard to figure out.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Corn Maze, Snow, and Halloween

Okay, this is kind of weird. I can't upload the pictures I want because the computer isn't working. I'll just do what I was able to get on here.

Halloween in Beaver:
I was a cat...Jared kept accusing me of being a playboy bunny.
Gavon was a little puppy dog. I like how he's holding his two suckers.

The one picture I wasn't able to put on here was of Shayden in her cow costume and Paul in his gorilla costume.

Valerie's baptism was so cool! She is one cute girl. When we went to Trisa's right before the baptism, Valerie was in her white jumper and she was jumping around the house. "I'm in a jumper!" She did that for a while. She definitely has lots of energy. She always had a smile on her face.

Paul had a ton of fun being a gorilla. At the trunk-or-treat parents would grab him and ask for him to say hi to their kids or take a picture. One dad driving in his truck asked him to scare his kids in the back of the cab and Paul climbed up acting like a monkey. The kids were pretty scared, and the dad was all happy. He gave him a thumbs up, and was smiling pretty big. Paul scared a few people trick-or-treating later that night pretty bad. We also went to the Beaver old folks home to visit Jared's grandma. Paul was trying to be quiet and move slow so the old people wouldn't be scared, and one even asked to dance with him. That was pretty cool.
Gavon at the Little Bear Bottoms Corn Maze.

This is random. I took a picture of my lunch a while ago. A random fact: I've hated tomatoes my whole life until I was pregnant with Gavon. Now I can't get enough tomatoes on anything.
Gavon just laid in the snow while Shayden and I made a snow man.
Right when Shayden looked outside and saw the snow she said, "Get my boots! Let's go!"
Paul and I are going to try and do a garden on Grandma and Grandpa Bob's property. We had fun playing in the leaves we got to put over it. Now just to till it up with some fertilizer. We're going to try and plant some swiss chard and some garlic before the snow starts to fly any more.

Shayden and Gavon on top of the straw pyramid.

These are the wrong videos I was trying to put on here. The computer shows a different video than what it actually is, but it's pretty cool anyway. Enjoy.