Saturday, October 24, 2009


This kid is sooooo cute. He looks like his daddy. Right now he can stand up on his own, copy the kissing noise, clap his hands, play hide and seek, and he crawls really fast. I've already had to sew a few of his pants so he can still use them because he crawls so much. He laughs really easily, and doesn't cry very much. That is the complete opposite of Shayden. In the bathtub last night Paul poured water on his head and he just took some sharp breaths, but Shayden would cry like it was the end of the world. Gavon likes to pull stuff out of containers and then put them back in, play in the toilet, and eat cheerios.

That's his spotlight of the day.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Birthday Goodness

I forgot to blog about my birthday. Awesome day! I went biking with Alisa up Logan gorgeous with the leaves on the ground, and the beautiful colors. There's something about being outside and up the canyon. I just want to breath it all in. It was so funny, too, because Alisa is hilarious. I was trying to get her amazing bike out of my van (her bike is aweosme!) and I said, "Alis, your bike is so cool." Right as I said that the bike fell out...crash. "'s really strong too." She's so much fun to laugh with. She even let me ride her bike after a while. After our quicky bike ride (I hate to turn around) we went home and had some yummy lentil lasagna, and Brian offered to watch our kids so Paul and I could go do something. I've been saving this passes to the Logan Rec. Center so we went to play some raquet ball...AWESOME! I couldn't have asked for a better 25th birthday. Rock on!!!! Oh...and one of my neighbors took Shayden and Gavon last minute so I could go with Alisa up the canyon. Right when I dropped them off Shayden had a HUGE poopy diaper. Now that is loving dedication right there...changing your neighbor's kid's diaper on her birthday. One of my neighbors also gave me some super yummy soup for lunch. His name is Pond...James Pond. I love my neighborhood!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Decorating on a Dime

My ward had a Relief Society night on "Decorating on a Dime" where a sister spoke on fun ways to decorate without spending much. This is so me! I like to decorate, but the money it takes is a little over board. It gets really expensive. So, one idea was to go on a walk and look at what looks pretty. I run a 3 1/2 mile loop that passes the city dump, but there are these beautiful weeds all along the way. I picked a hole bunch of them and decorated some #10 cans (from the cannery) with some old fabric scraps. I also saved some bean/green bean/corn cans and decorated those too. A little bit of hot glue gunning and tie a bow...wallah. Now I'm going to try and get a board and paint a quote on it with stencils. Maybe a scripture. That's where I have to buy paints...maybe I can get a cool piece of wood from somewhere where they're throwing scraps away. Then I can put it in between those two weed bouquets.
I should have gotten a picture up close. They turned out really cool. I'm all excited.


We have a bunch of spiders in our back yard, and the other morning our grass was covered in spider webs. Cool, huh!

Daredevil Boy

Gavon has no fear. At the park he'll climb to the highest point and want to go down head first. He loves to slide down on his belly. In a room full of toys he'll go straight for a nasty garbage can, or a really hot fireplace. He loves to climb on top of the dishwasher. Every time Shayden helps him escape outside he goes straight to the road. I have to watch this guy real close. He reminds me of Eric Sheffer--he's a daredevil too.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Life is Precious

I've just been thinking of the miracle of life, and how one day, things can change. I thought about how Jordan picked up Parker after his nap and how he had his stroke. I thought about Crystal's miscarriage, and the thrill of seeing your little baby move at that first ultra sound, but finding out that there was no heart beat. I thought about Miss Christiansen, and how she died riding home on a bus from a marching band tournament; how she tried to make everyone safe before more damage was done. Heavenly Father really knows who our hearts. It makes me want to live each day as if it were my last.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


From the viewpoint of Shayden:

Cat licking paw and leg, "Don't eat your leg Kitty! Watch out for cars! Bye!"
Running with Mom, "We're going to go runnin'! I want to run. I want to push Gavon."
Gavon's sitting right by her, "Where did Gavon go?" Me: "He's sitting right by you." "Whera Gavon go?" Me: "He's playing with that toy sitting right by you." 5 seconds later, "Where Gavon go?"

She's been pretending everything's a baby like my defuser, a bottle of Shampoo, etc. She likes to wear things on her head like a blanket or a strainer. Still no success with potty training. Maybe one day she'll just get it.

Conference has been awesome!

Friday, October 2, 2009

General Conference

Here it comes! I got this activity packet for primary kids from Katy's blog and I thought it was so cool. Check it out.

Things I've learned and Canning

Squash plants don't do at all well in a pot. They need lots more space to grow good squash.

Milk can't be a nutritional base for a baby because the solute concentration makes it difficult for their kidneys to process and it doesn't have enough iron. It doesn't matter if they have milk, they just need breastmilk or formula as their main source of nutrition. I can put milk on Gavon's cereal in the morning and it doesn't matter.

Babies can't have egg whites because the allergens may cause the baby to be allergic to eggs later on.

Yah, so I thought that was interesting.

This canning season I was able to do:
10 quarts peaches
7 quarts and 8 pints pears
7 quarts and 3 pints roma tomatoes
7 quarts Joanna's salsa
8 quarts applesauce

Yeah for canning!