Tuesday, April 26, 2011

St. George Easter

Paul and I went to St. George for Easter weekend! We all had so much fun, and the drive wasn't too bad because we split it up pretty well with breaks in Riverton and Beaver. The best was being around family. Working backwords with pictures, we spent Easter Sunday in Panguitch with my parents. Monday morning we helped my mom feed the lambs before we drove home, and Gavon had so much fun chasing them around. He got kind of tired near the end there, because they are hard to catch.

Sadly, I didn't get any pictures of the Tebbs Reunion, but it was very good to see everyone. The kids played at the park, and we all had yummy food. Paul and I also got to go on a special date for our anniversary coming up and ate at a fancy restaurant in Cedar.
Riley and Ashlin were laughing at Gavon pulling faces behind the camera. It's a little blurry, but so cute!

Holly carrying Shayden after we reached the top of the crack.
Hiking up "The Crack" Shayden said, "I can fit, because I'm a little kid." It got a little tight in 2 spots, but we made it up.
Gavon loved the candy the most.
Trisa and Sheila were treckin it even in the hot sun and babies so close to being here. They didn't hike the crack.

Hiking Sugar Loaf.
Ashlin always has her eyes open so big. She likes to smile if she's in the mood too.
The kids had so much fun hiking around.
Happy girl.
Kami surprised Mom by driving down from Washington. We got her on video seeing Riley in my lap...super happy.

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Gavon likes to dress up lately, and run around with his shirt off.

We just got him some Cars underwear, but we haven't really had success. I thought he would realize when he was wet, but he really could care less whether he makes it or not. My friend watched him the other morning, and she has a little potty. She said he pooped in it...maybe that's what I'll have to get.
Ashlin likes to hold her hands together, and suck on her fingers. She coos a lot, and is a really good baby when she gets her naps. The kids love her.
While Shayden's at preschool, I'm able to take Ashlin and Gavon running with me. Sometimes Paul can watch them for me. Shayden has been loving Head Start.
The kids like giving her toys. I can't believe she's already 4 months. I'm gonna start her on rice cereal soon.

Paul's Training

I wish I had some cool pictures of Paul's drill this weekend, but here's a link to a ksl report: http://www.ksl.com/?nid=148&sid=15178759

Cool stuff! If you live near Camp Williams, you might have heard all the explosions. Paul is really working hard, and is almost done with the semester. His last day of Home Depot was yesterday, and he's going to start helping a neighbor with a sprinkler repair business this summer. He will be leaving for the Dominican Republic soon, too. We've been staying pretty busy.

Here's a picture of his hot new ride. We sold our car and bought a truck that he could drive with all the sprinkler supplies he'll need. The back is a double door and the sides open too. If we could just the natural gas to work, it will be perfect.

We also went to Beaver and Cedar City last week, which was super fun. My nephew Luke got baptized, and it was cool to think about how this ordinance has been important from the beginning. Jesus was baptized, and Joseph Smith was too as he restored the gospel. I could feel how true The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is. So awesome. We didn't get any pictures, but Trisa took care of us, and we had lots of fun. Due West, a country group was going on a Southern Utah tour and my mom and dad, Trisa and Jared, and Paul and I went to their concert that night. Holly and Karri took really good care of our kids. I like how Valerie said, "What's with your kids and grunting?" Gavon and Ashlin grunt a lot.

Monday, April 4, 2011


Gavon just spit his medicine out in my eye, got it all over his face, and then got it up his nose. Whoever made augmentin that nasty....

Ashlin doesn't like amoxicillin, but she's at least been happy through the whole gargling and sucking on my finger until it gets down. Only 4 more days!!!!