Thursday, February 24, 2011

More From Ashlin's Blessing

Here are a few more pictures from Ashlin's blessing from Mom's camera. What a special day.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Ashlin's Blessing

We had such a wonderful time, but missed a lot of family that couldn't make it because of the snow. We love you all.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Funny Shayden

Shayden's been pretty funny lately. Yesterday she was sitting by me eating some goldfish crackers while I was trying to nurse Ashlin. Ashlin was super sad and screaming while I was getting ready, and Shayden said, "Ashlin is saying, 'Put those fish in your mouth!'"

That night she found a bib and put it on Gavon calling it a small cape. Woohoo!

Ashlin is smiling!

This is Gavon riding his horse after church the Sunday before my surgery.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sick Today

I must have caught something. Throwing up is no fun.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Gavon the Hilarious One

I think the most painful thing in healing from this surgery has been nursing Ashlin when she's really wiggly. The next most painful thing has been laughing at Gavon. What is it about that charisma you just can't help but laugh at him. Some people can get away with a lot in sketchy situations, and he's just one of those people. When he sneeks out of bed at night and starts to laugh like crazy because you caught him and get all mad; when he runs away from you when you're trying to get his pajamas on him. This kid gets away with way way too much.

Yesterday he fell asleep in nursery snack time and stayed asleep on the table for over 30 min. They didn't even know he had fallen asleep for a while. Kids were banging on the table, and I think he would have stayed there for a long time if church hadn't ended.

Just watching him play, the way he puts on his hat and looks at you, or walks around like he's an old man. He is HILARIOUS!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Computer Time After Surgery

When you're forced to have down time, do you think it's torture or heaven? Yesterday morning Paul drove me to the specialty hospital for a ventral hernia repair. He did a great job at keeping me relaxed. We read "The Long Walk" by Slavomir Rawicz while I waited to go in. The lady that checked me in had a scrunchy pony tail and the most poofy bangs I've seen in about 10 years. They were really nice, though. The nurse that placed my IV wasn't the greatest, and she was digging around for about 2 minutes. When she finally said, "I got it!" I threw up and then had this really cool dream that I can't really remember the details about. I remember being real calm and then waking up to an oxygen thing in my nose and my feet being propped up. That was probably the worst part. The surgeon came in, and the anesthesiologist to talk to me, and then the anesthesiologist walked me back to the OR. I was trying not to think when they laid me down, and then I was out before I knew anything. Oh yah, my hospital gown flew open on the way. A nice lady came to close it up for me. Afterward the doctor told Paul he only had to make 3 stitches; it wasn't as big of a hernia as he thought. I didn't lose a lot of blood. Now I have a cool scar above my belly button that I haven't seen yet because it's still all bandaged up. It hurts when I take deep breaths and I'm really dizzy probably from the anesthetics. It's wearing off today. I've been taking it easy, and my mom is taking care of everything. I can't lift, and walking or moving is difficult. The doctor said after four days I can start doing stuff. With all this down time, I can do stuff I haven't done in a very long time like blogging!

Ashlin is growing like crazy! She's already 8 weeks old. She smiles every now and then, but I don't think on purpose. After she takes a bath her hair goes really poofy like this:

She also goes through acne spurts, and this picture caught a little outbreak. Poor girl, but that's life.
Hmmm...this is an interesting story. After cutting Shayden's hair into the cutest little A line, she went on a scissor frenzy and cut a bunch of pictures, a pillow case, Gavon's sheets, and her beautiful hair!!!! The picture above shows the lesser damaged side. The one below is the day we cut it. There are two videos at the end of this post that show before and after too. I was so sad. Now she has mega bangs.

Poof again. Paul calls her his little troll.
This was at four weeks!! She hasn't done a head lift this good since actually.
Daddy and Shay