Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Juniper Trail in Logan Canyon

Paul watched the kids for me while I ran up Juniper with Patty, Karen and Janelle. It was soooo fun! That tree behind us is more that 1500 years old. The views were amazing, the smells were so fresh and clean, and I got a 10.5 mile kick bum workout. There was a 2000 foot elevation change...I was really sore after. Poor Paul had a hard time with the kids. I think when a mom does a race the dad has to deal with a lot. Go dad!

Sheila's Car Seat Cover

I made this car seat cover for Sheila after she had Kandyce. I also made her a matching nursing cover. I was so proud of myself. New babies are so fun and cute.

Ashlin's Reaction

Ashlin broke out in hives the day after I gave her a tiny sip of Cranberry juice. The doctor said I should wait a month or two and try giving her a little bit to be sure that's what it was that made her react. I've never dealt with this, so I'm not sure what's going on. I gave her broccoli, strawberries, and baby cereal, all things she's had before from the same containers and all. Just the juice was different. It kind of freaked me and Alisa out. You can't really see in the picture very well, but it looks like giant mosquito bites. Crazy! It took 4 days to get her body clear of it.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Family Fun for the Fourt of July

We spent the 4th of July in Logan this year. We watched the fireworks at Cody and Lisa's parent's house, who had a perfect view. Cousins sure are fun, and the fireworks were awesome!

One of my neighbors threw a neighborhood bike parade so we decorated Shayden's bike and Gavon's rocket. Gavon led the pack pushing his rocket car. They loved throwing candy to all the moms watching the kids. Gavon's kind of funny about riding his bike. I'll put him on his trike, and he'll go really slow and accidentally go backwards. He just doesn't want to figure it out. It's kind of like opening doors. He as the motor skills, but just chooses to not open any doors the silly kid.

Shayden has been learning how to ride her bike without training wheels. She can go once she gets going, but she can't start or stop very well yet.
Bath time. Exciting!
Here's Ashlin and Katie again. Ashlin got her shots that day and was pretty miserable.

As a family update side note, Paul has been loving his job. He's been getting a lot of really good work experience talking with people and has been keeping busy. We never got the CNG working on our truck, sad day, so we've been forking out the money driving it to Ogden and back every day. We lost about $2000 buying it from a guy that moved to New Jersey on KSL, because he sold it to us at a high price if it were in perfect condition. He refused to give us our money back. The bolts holding the shell on it came loose and it flew off on the freeway, too. That truck has been nothing but trouble for us.

This fall, when the sprinkler business dies down, Paul is going to get on orders in Draper. We might all move down there, or he might commute for the week and be home on the weekends. That would be hard, but is an option. As far as school goes, he's going to cash in his credits for a degree in Liberal Arts. He is getting ready to deploy in May of next year. The Guard is kind of taking over, because it takes such good care of our family. Change is always hard to get used to. We'll miss our house here in Logan.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

One of Your All Time Favorite Crazy Downloads

We have been keeping very busy this summer.

Tired Boy

This is what Gavon does when he is really really tired.