Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Lisa just tagged me! Yeah! Here we go:

1. Where was I ten years ago? I was in 8th grade at South Hills Middle School. It was a brand new school and I remember really liking my teachers. That was the year I got my eye hit playing hockey...almost lost it. I also went running for the first time ever with Kami and Kristie. Wow, time flies. Those were the days.

2. What's on my To-Do list today? I actually have my list right here, it says: Clean bathroom, Clean car, turn in application, Call Donnette, organize Shay's clothes/room, Sam's Club, Fix Paul's Gorilla suit.

3. What if I was a Billionaire? Oh, wow. I would probably pay cash for a house, and get some sweet couches, and a dresser for our bedroom...I might actually buy that without being a billionaire because I don't like just using a plastic shelf...I'd probably buy a whole matching bedroom set. I'd also go grocery shopping for fruit and veggies and maybe some candy. That's what I'm craving right now.

4. Places I have lived? Riverton, Rexburg, Provo, Logan, and a little bit of Panguitch...just a summer.

5. I tag? Lynette and my mom

Paul's Gorilla Suit

Paul just got his Gorilla suit he ordered, and he's way excited. He says he wants to be a Gorilla every Halloween, and is trying to get Shayden used to it. Poor Lee. Hopefully he won't be scared of it this year. It looks a little more friendly than the one he used last year...Grandpa Bob's.

Monday, September 29, 2008


I finally got her saying "Shoe!" I could never catch it on video, but Paul gets her to say it all the time.

Our Sunday was good yesterday. We went to visit Grandmother at her new house, and had a nice dinner. I remembered to bring everything but the diaper bag and so Grandmother was great enough to let us have a towel to take home. She was a little jungle diaper baby. I have a picture of that, but it was a little revealing, so I opted not to post it. I guess you can use your imagination.

Friday, September 26, 2008


Shayden is saying new words every day. This morning she said "juice" and she's been saying "plane" and "dog" whenever she sees one. She always loves to yell, "Shoe!" That's Paul's favorite thing to get her to say.

Kit gave me a dehydrator for my birthday (a month early) and I was able to make some sweet beef jerky last night. Joanna has been letting us borrow The Office and Paul and I have been watching that...on the 3rd season. Not much else is going on.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Just for Fun

Here's a video from when Shayden was only 2 months old.

Paul...changing Shayden's diaper:

Friday, September 19, 2008

A Safe Home

We ended up pulling out of the contract with the house we were going to buy. Oddly enough, a meth test we had done came back positive. Each state has it's own reportable amount of meth. On a scale of 0-3 mg/cm^3, 2-3 means they cook the stuff, 1-2 means they partied in the house, and 0-1 means someone smoked in the house. In Utah, a reportable amount is 0.1, and in Idaho it's 0.5 I believe. Maybe the inspector said 0.05, it had a 5 in it. Anyway, the sample he pulled from the furnace (which would mean worse case senario, it would show up there) came back at 0.11. We called our pediatrician and asked him if that would be dangerous to live there, and he said there hasn't been research done on the subject, but it's such a small amount it won't likely cause a problem. If other areas in the house had any trace of it, he said not to live there. We also got a call from a roofer that went to check the house for us. He said it's a fairly new roof, within the past 5 years, but the area above the bathroom has some major pooling areas. He would have to pull up those shingles and to put everything back on would mean to have to re-shingle the whole house, which would be 7,000. We thought about our options and decided to back out. Craziness!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Little Boy a comin'

I haven't been posting anything about how the pregnancy is going, so I thought I'd better update. Here's an ultrasound at my 25 week mark.

Today is my 28 week mark. Nothing really but good news. He had a cyst of spinal fluid in his brain when we did the original ultra sound, so 4 weeks later they did another ultrasound to see how it was doing. The doctor said if there was a prize for the most normal baby that day, I would win it. It went completely away.

It's getting a little (lot) more uncomfortable as the days go on. I'm still able to run 30 minutes every morning, but I go pretty slow. This cute old couple was walking down the street holding hands this morning and I was barely passing them, and it's not because they were walking fast.

Paul is working hard at school and work. He's been pretty tired. I kind of like going to bed early with him and Shayden. 8:00, and we're all zonked.

The house situation is going good. The inspector can't go in until Friday, and everything is contingent on whether it gets a good report. Just a few more details: It was built in 1923 and is a little over 1,000 sq. ft. Because it is a foreclosed home we know nothing about it's history and it is a VERY good price. The bank just wants to get rid of it. That can be kind of scary, though because it could have problems. Paul and I walked through it about 3 times, and we don't see any serious problems. It has updated electrical and plumbing, double paned windows, new roof, new carpet and new paint. There's obvious work that needs done on the outside, where we'll probably get rid of the pink, and some work on the ceiling in the bathroom. It only has a bathtub, no shower, and the kitchen needs a new floor and better countertops. The bathroom is kind of weird. It's connected to the closet of the master bedroom. The oven is newer, but can't open, so we'll have to cut the counter a bit. It's livable now, and we'll probably only do one thing at a time when there's money to do it. We'll basically be paying in mortgage what we're paying in rent. Do you think we're smart in doing this? I've been thinking about our options, and learning a lot of the lingo and finances in how house buying works. We could probably have up to 4 kids in that house (supposing we have that many) because the upstairs is really 2 bedrooms, one is just smaller and can only be considered an office. Shayden will probably be just old enough to use the stairs good. The basement, 100 sq. ft., is going to be great for storage and a little work area for Paul. He wants to have a spot to work on projects. The minuses of this house is that there is no covering for the car and we'll have to build the yard from almost scratch.

I guess if it's supposed to happen, it will, but if not it won't. We feel pretty good about going through with it. That's the update for today.

Monday, September 15, 2008


We made an offer on a little pink house in Logan. It's on a .24 acre lot and is 2 bedroom. After the inspection we'll let you know what happens.

Paul's Birthday

We also celebrated Paul's Birthday while we were at Lake Powell with Hannah Montana cup cakes. Wahoo!

Lake Powell

My mom and dad came up last week to help Lisa with anything and to see family. We had a little BBQ at Second Dam and my mom helped me with peaches that next Monday. Shayden loves peaches.

Don, Sharon, Robert, Jill, Grandma and Grandpa were all able to come for some great food and a good time.
Kami is doing a sweet move here. Alisa is too, but Kami's got the cool angle.
Me and Alisa!
Lake Powell! We just got back yesterday. Trisa and Jared were so awesome to let us stay at there house Saturday night, and Trisa gave Shayden some toys to play with in the car. That totally helped the time go by. Here is Shayden waking up in the morning. The sunrise was gorgeous but was just covered by the tent. The Steiners were way awesome to let us come and play with them. Paul had a ball tubing and taking the wave runners out. He got elbowed in the head, but that was the only injury. Oh yah, Cuyler jumped like 10 feet in the air jumping a wave with the wave runner and got some blood all over the handle bars from his hand hitting so hard. Everyone was pretty sore, but it was fun. Shay and I played on the sand for the most part. It's a bummer to have to miss out when you're pregnant. It was funny, Monica said she took a picture of when I was trying to lay Shayden down for a nap. She was so tired, so I'd set up the crib in the shade and lay her down, but she would just play around and smile. I sat by her thinking she would fall asleep and totally fell asleep myself. Yah, she didn't even sleep the whole time except for the boat ride we took her on.

I added a little video of Shayden playing in the bathroom before church too.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thoughts of the Day

We finally have internet! We went a while without it when we switched providers. It's funny how much we need it...definitely a must.

These last few weeks...Paul's first and second weeks of school...have been new. He seems to like his classes and is doing pretty good. We got a new desk from our neighbors that just moved, and Shayden has been loving it. New drawers to open, and when we were putting it together, it was a nice little hut.

Last Thursday Alisa was struggling with a pretty bad headache. She couldn't even sleep, the poor girl. My mom came up right away when we took her to the hospital where they did a cat scan to make sure there wasn't anything serious going on. She had given her friend a big hug/tackle and landed on her bum, and something snapped in her neck. Talk about a rough first week of school. She's doing okay now, though. My mom stayed in Logan long enough to go to Suzie's birthday party at the Aquatic Center. That was pretty fun.

Friday I was able to talk Paul into going to the Mantz Reunion last minute and we drove off Friday night after his Psych Lab. I was not excited for the long drive. We stayed in Riverton that night and drove the rest of the way to Monticello the next morning. Shay did pretty good up until the last hour. It was fun to be around family and see everyone. On our way through town we were still in our pj's and stopped by Kit's house to get dressed. I didn't realize I left all of Shayden's clothes/shoes on his couch until that night as I was giving her a bath. Yah, it was crazy. Lynette was awesome and super prepared and let her wear one of Garick's onsies, borrow his soap and she also wore Caelee's extra shoes in the cold weather. Thank you Lynette!

My family got together at the Ranch this last weekend and had a blast. Jealousy! They rode the horses and four wheelers around. I'm glad you guys had fun. We sure love you guys.

Here are some pictures of our adventure in Monticello:

This is Shay being done playing with Tyeson's toy cars. That's Garick's onsie she slept in and wore that day. I should have just driven into town to pick up her stuff, but we were only there for about another 4 hours the next day so I thought we would just tough it out and pick it up on our way out. You can see in this picture too that Paul has been growing a beard the past few weeks, but finally shaved it for me last night. Wahoo!
Here's Jon, Paul and Shayden just hangin' out.
It was pretty rainy that Saturday night. Thank goodness for those cabins! I felt kinda bad because Mason and Jarom got soaked sleeping in a tent because they let us sleep in the cabin they used the night before. There was some mud around the fire place, and Shayden happened to fall face first in it twice.
This is Grandpa Mantz and Grandpa Bob. G-pa Mantz seemed kind of happy we're not naming our boy Albert Paul. Nobody seems to like the name Albert in the whole family.

The future Chemist. This is before we left for Monticello.
Everyone in this picture is kind of small. Paul's in the middle, and they're playing kick ball.
Shayden and her long lost sippy cup.
Pullin' a cheeser.

Just as an extra here's some videos of Shayden from about a week ago, and then one of her in the 8 hour car ride. What a trooper!

Shayden kind of has this dazed look in her eyes here. She says "Uh" for "uh-oh."