Tuesday, October 28, 2008

8 Things

1. Little House on the Prairie (My dad calls it big house on the little prairie or something like that.)
2. I Love Lucy
3. The Andy Grifith Show
4. The Price is Right
5. School House Rock (Haven't seen it since I was 6, though)
6. Full House when I was a kid
7. VeggieTales should count as a TV Show
8. Loony Tunes
--If Paul were doing this he'd add The Office and The Tick
1. Olive Garden
2. Subway
3. Cafe Sabor
4. Little Caesars, Pizza Pizza
5. Sweet Tomatoes?
6. Cafe Rio, Costa Vida
8. Fazoli's
1. Had a Halloween Party with Ryan, Bridget, Cody, and Lisa. We decorated sugar cookies, bobbed for apples, and had breakfast for dinner...mmm, pumpkin pancakes.
2. Got Shayden ready for the day...did her hair in pigtales even though she cries.
3. Went shopping with Alisa...bank, Macey's, and the Book Table. I bought a 40 lb. box of chicken...yah, that's a lot of chicken.
4. I signed up to receive more violin students at the music store here in Logan.
5. Made sugar cookies for the party yesterday night.
6. Did dishes with Shayden...one of her favorite things. It's actually pretty hard sometimes though, because she spills the water, and when she gets water into anything that holds water she drinks it and says, "Ahhh" like it was refreshing or something. "Dish water is dangerous to drink," I tell her, and I try to get her to dump it out, but she screams and tries to drink it. As a side note, I'm crazy I know, we do all of our dishes by hand even though we have an awesome dishwasher. It saves us about $15 a month.
7. I tried to read Harry Potter, Book 6, even though I didn't read more than one word, literally. Every time I sat down I had to get up to do something.
8. I played with Shayden before she went to bed.
1. Halloween trunk or treat with our ward. Paul will be in his Gorilla suit and Shayden will be an Indian girl or a little bumblebee.
2. To see all my family on Saturday. Yay for Annalisa being born!
3. Gavin to be born. Paul tinks it will be on Thanksgiving Day.
4. Thanksgiving and to be with family, but I try and be thankful everyday.
5. Christmas--I am already shopping and have most of the presents I plan on buying for Paul and Shayden
6. The snow to come so we can play in it.
7. The chance to run again, long and hard.
8. The chance to ride Dixie...wild thing.
1. A trip to Hawaii someday
2. A trip to Europe someday
3. Some really nice couches someday
4. A really nice road bike? That won't happen for a while.
5. That I could be a really good mom.
6. Some tomatoes and bacon so I can have a BLT for lunch today.
7. A horse...someday. Paul would want a 4-wheeler first.
8. New strings for my violin...and some violin polish.
Everyone who wants to do this!!!!

I was trying to post this yesterday, but it didn't get all the way done, so I'm trying to post it this morning.

I also wanted to share that my ears are doing okay. They felt almost completely normal and I had a good routine for cleaning them, but last night as I was pulling one out far enough to clean around it it came completely out. I tried to put it back in by myself, but it wouldn't go, and I got really light headed and almost threw up. Paul came and forced it back in, but I had to lay down and couldn't finish cleaning them because I felt too faint. It bled a little, but feels okay now.

I'm 34 weeks and I feel huge. Shayden is growing like crazy.

Sad day! I totally missed out on the pumpkin walk this year in North Logan. I was bummed we missed it last year, but this year was even worse because I got all excited for it, and we didn't go. Yesterday was the last day. Well, there's always next year.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Bowls as Stilts?

On Tuesday, Lisa let me have a bunch of plums from her back yard and we dried them for 16 hours to make some yummy prunes. Here's Shay trying to grab one and looking all innocent.

Yesterday Joanna and I made 7 quarts of applesauce from the apples in her yard. Yummy! It turned out really good.

We're excited for the holidays coming up. For Halloween Shayden is going to be an Indian girl, Paul is going to be a gorilla, and I'm going to be...something that can look pregnant. Our ward has an awesome trunk or treat party every year with dinner and games. It's going to be great.

Everything has been going good. We're arranging our house to get ready for the baby. The nursing chair is in our room now, and we'll probably put the pack'n'play in there to use as a bassinet for the first three months. I'm a little worried at how this is going to work. Shayden will not sleep in the big bed. If I lay her in the crib and leave she just falls right to sleep, but if I lay her in the big bed she crawls out and cries. Hopefully we'll be able to slowly transition her.

The leaves in front of our apartment have all fallen and we went to play in them a few days ago. Today Shayden was walking around with her feet in bowls, and then tipped them over and was scooting around on them. Here's a short video of each of those sweet moments. She's so stinkin' cute.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Mamma Mia

Shayden causing some trouble and loving it.

About 33 weeks along.

The sister's weekend was so fun! We basically just talked until 2:00 in the morning and laughed really hard. We went shopping on Saturday together and Kam and I got our ears pierced. Crazy, huh. I kind of have mixed feelings about it. I want to be pretty, but I have huge issues with putting a hole in my body. It's just scary. I like low maintenance things: the less you have to do about it the better. Now I have to clean it and worry about infections. I almost fainted when she put the earring in. I'm okay now, though and I can be pretty. It's funny that I'd go through labor and delivery without anything because I hate needles that much, but I'd go and get my ears pierced.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

God Made us Sisters, Love Made us Friends

Trisa had the title of this post embroidered on a wall hanging, and I thought it was cute. I love my sisters so much!! They are all amazing women. We get to go play in Park City together this weekend, and I'm super excited. It's going to be wild.

A Great Day to be Alive

It was my birthday yesterday, and I made 24 cupcakes to celebrate. Paul got me a 2 kid running stroller off of KSL (SWEET!!) and drew a picture of it and gave it to me. Yes! I can still go running with 2 kids.

For dinner we had black bean soup, a recipe from Bridget, and it turned out so good. I forgot to say thank you last night when I saw you. Thank you!

Yay for birthdays!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Some Smokin' Good Turkey

Here we are shopping at Lee's Marketplace. Lee's having a great time, Shayden is looking scared, and I'm making a car noise. These guys are so cute when they get together!
If only my cookie had milk.
Getting bigger...you can tell my smile is forced. I was really tired. I can't put on my shoes, and I can barely zip up my coat. I'm 32 weeks. This little guy moves around a lot. I also had to stop running. There's a little too much uncomfortableness going on.

Fall turned into winter a little too quick for me. The trees are gorgeous in Logan, but only some of them have changed in the valley and it already started snowing. A thin layer was on the ground this morning.

Yesterday, Paul and I smoked a turkey. Imagine Homer Simpson thinking about donuts and that's how I feel about smoked turkey. Ugh! It's just so good...nice and juicy smoked flavor. Cody and Lisa let us use some of their apple tree branches and Cody came over before and then after church. Lisa also let me use some of her fresh thyme for the marinade. Shayden LOVED it. She had a little bit of potatoes, her brocoli, one bite of roll and if she would have had the whole plate of turkey it would have been half gone before she would have stopped.

Also, here's a video of Shayden as I was sweeping the floor. We found a potato bug and she went into the front room, grabbed Paul's shoe, came back and mashed it. I only got a video of the aftermath. (A side note: She gets into trouble when she pushes buttons on my phone.) That same day Paul was taking a nap and she walked in the room, started blowing him kisses and shut the door. That's what I do when I leave her for a nap. She's so funny.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Drill--St. George

Paul had Drill this weekend, and I went down to St. George with Kami, Alisa and Ashley for Conference. Fun! St. George is beautiful. We also saw a few finishers of the St. George Marathon just before the first session. Jessica Winters and Lauren Dalton finished in under 3 hours. Wow! Races are so exciting.

We were able to stay at Ashley's uncle's condo time share...super nice...and go on a beautiful bike ride on the temple quarry trail where they got the rock for the temple. Kami made this sweet carrier for Shayden out of shirts.

Shay in Alisa's backpack. She wanted out pretty quick.

Playing on the porch.

Gorgeous view of the temple. Shayden blocked the view just before the picture was taken.

Here's a video from Saturday morning. I didn't know I was recording for a little while.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Grandmother's Piano

Last night Paul, Rob and Grandpa Bob went to pick up Grandmother and Tina's old piano. I feel like it has really blessed our home, and I feel so grateful for it. Thank you Tina!