Monday, August 24, 2009

New Stages

Gavon's new favorite thing is to crawl head first off the diaper changing table. I can't let him go when I change his diaper. I've resulted to tickling him the whole time so he stays still.

Shayden has been harder to feed lately. She doesn't want to sit down for meals, and then doesn't eat when I get her to sit. She's resulted to stealing a string cheese from the fridge bottom drawer whenever she can. She's repeating everything I say, and she tells me what she sees. Editing media for her has really become a priority for me. "Oh look, man on fire...those birds hit wall..." Or something like that. She loves Spiderman, and wants to watch the movies a lot. I let her watch them once and I had to turn it off...too much cooking, I mean, killing. Wow, I'm out of it right now. I should probably sleep. Shayden has also all of a sudden become scared of tigers at night. She doesn't sleep good anymore, and has to have me sleep by her in the middle of the night when she wakes up. When she falls asleep, and throughout the night she cuddles her water bottle...strange, huh.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Shayden's Surgery

Shayden's surgery went well. He said it might bruise because he had to cut a little more than expected. She has been surprizingly alert and hungry all day. She was awake and tried to get up when I went to get her in the recovery room, and she kept awake and happy until we left. Her throat is raspy sore from the breathing tube.She would put this mask on and say, "Like Parker."
After we got home today.

Before surgery

After surgery

Monday, August 17, 2009

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Willow Park Zoo

We went to Willow Park Zoo with Grandmother, Jennifer and Brenna. Here's Gavon feeding the ducks.

Kit and Celia

Kit and Celia were sealed soon after Kami and Levi. We are so happy for them.

And then, here are some pictures of the kids waiting at the temple.

Shayden's Hernia

We're going to Primary Children's Hospital to fix Shayden's hernia. It's an in and out surgery, but it's always scary to do stuff like this.

Giving "The look." I was actually trying to take a picture of Gavon crawling onto a box, but Shayden stole the spotlight. She's one amazing little girl...learning so much.

Gavon Crawling

I'm finally posting about Gavon! He's pretty fast when he wants to go somewhere that's far away. He also likes to pull himself up and walk around holding someone's hands. He says da da da really good and just started eating soft cooked vegetables and cheerios or bread. I haven't fed him home canned peaches yet, but that's probably coming next.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


For Levi and Kami's reception, we drove up to Clayton, Washington. So fun! Here is the Wilson's cabin we stayed at about an hour north of Clayton near Colville. Everything was beautiful, and we had so much fun. We went scuba diving, water skiing, paddle boating, swimming, and met all of Levi's family. They were all amazing!
Swimming away
This is their faithful dog Sadie. She was so good and really fun to run with. If only I had a dog like her...someday.
Kami and Levi are pulling us on the tube with the paddle boat.
Shayden couldn't move at all. She could barely raise her arm enough to do a little wave.

My mom and Sister Wilson

Cabin from the back side.
Alisa let me run with her in Missoula and in Washington. Yah!
Driving...lots of driving. It rained a lot on the way up. The first night out we camped, and got soaked. The air mattress kept us afloat because the tent turned into a lake. All of our stuff was soaking wet. We woke up, threw everything in the back of the van in the pouring rain and drove off. When Paul closed the back of the van the water that built up there got him right in the face and drenched him even more. We were laughing about everything, because it wasn't cold and miserable; just wet.

After running Alisa and I jumped in.

Panaramic view

Shayden's wave/Paul getting up on the skies (sp?)

Alisa and Jordan had a diving competition and as we were watching, Shay took all of her clothes off to jump in too. On second thought...I'd better not show that video. It just shows her bum, but still...

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


What's with being a mom and having lots of cavities? I went in 6 months ago; 3 cavities. I just got 2 filled this morning. Is it my horrible addiction to cinnamon bears? Is it because I was pregnant and nursing for a few months last year? Am I not eating enough Ca2+ fortified food? Is it just because I'm a mom? I brush and floss every night, and Paul's a hit and miss. Why does he have no cavities?