Friday, December 2, 2011

I Love Being a Mom!

 I get to ride bikes in stores!
 Go to girls nights with family and wear crazy lip gloss!
And I get to let my kids do this kind of stuff!  (This is powdered sugar...their bedroom is covered!)

Gavon Turns 3

Gavon's birthday is tomorrow, but Paul had to go to drill so we celebrated a day early.  He had a spiderman birthday cake, with pizza and ice cream.  For his birthday present I made a hot wheels cubby fabric thingy as shown.  How do you explain that?  I got the idea from a Relief Society activity and thought it was perfect for Gavon.  The fabric on back is Lightening McQueen and it has velcro that latches it shut so you can take it to church or in the car.  He loved it!  When he saw me making it once, he said, "Is that for me!?"  I had to hide it for a while.  Shayden and Gavon did a pinata too.