Monday, January 30, 2012

Ashlin at 13 months

 I'm finally posting Ashlin's 1st birthday.  This was a month and a half ago.  She loved her chocolate zucchini cake, and got all good and messy.
 She is always making us laugh.  She loves to grunt, which is what she thinks is the best way to get attention.  Her favorite activity is to unload drawers and play in the flour or sugar.
Christmas was awesome!  We tried doing a live nativity, but Gavon pretended more to be a ninja than anything.  Shayden knelt by the box all cute.  We had a Jerusalem Dinner, read some scriptures and watched the Bible Videos on  On Christmas morning Shayden opened a Barbie with clothes.  "This is exactly what I asked Santa for!"  She hugged it and put it to the side.  The next present was fingernail polish.  She opened it and said, "I told Santa I wanted this for next year but he gave it to me this year.  That is so funny!"